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Questions & Answers to Games & Rules

At this page we will publish frequently asked and important questions related to the WRO 2019 games. The answers on this page should be seen as additions to the rules and will be used for the WRO International Final. 

Please be aware that in your country local competitions may follow slightly different rules, contact your National Organizer for more information.

Q&A WeDo Regular

Because of an error in the Game Description it is not completely clear where the robot can start.

The Game Rules are leading:

The robot must start an attempt from within any one of the four Home Areas that is not the Garage. The robot must start inside the green/black line.


Q&A Regular Category Junior

No, penalty points are only given if the walls are moved to the outside of the light grey area. The area 2 (e.g. around the green and yellow wall) are seen as inside the light grey area.

Q&A Regular Category Senior

No, penalty points are only given if the wall construction is moved to the outside of the light grey area. The orange area (to place the fiber optic cables) and the white area (to place the node devices) are as seen as inside the light grey area.

Q&A Football

Rule 8.9 for Football can cause some confusion, because it specifically mentions omni wheels.
It was written this way because almost all robot designs use omni wheels. But the intention of the rule is that each robot can have a maximum of three driven wheels in total.

Therefore the rule should be read as follows:

8.9 A maximum of three driven wheels - built of only LEGO branded components - can be used on a single robot. Use of a reciprocating kicker in the remaining EV3 output port is strongly recommended.

Q&A Advanced Robotics Challenge

Teams that are planning to use supportive/other controllers and programmable cameras should adhere to the following:

The main controller must be the MyRio, KNR or PRIZM,  on these controllers all decision making, manipulation of sensor data and control must take place.
Other controllers can be used in a supportive role, but only to provide a means of control to the main controller to drive motors. Supportive controllers can also be used to  provide a means of increasing the number of inputs and/or outputs to the main controller. The manipulation of the information sensed by the sensors should take place on the main controller and not on the supportive controller. For programmable cameras it means that camera must provide a image or a video flow to the main controller as so all further image processing will be performed by the MyRio, KNR or PRIZM.

Teams that are using supportive controllers must provide information (access to source code, circuit diagrams, etc.) to the judges to prove that the supportive controllers are only used to drive motors or are used as a device to increase the number of inputs/outputs for use with sensors.

The OpenMV camera is more than just a sensor, it is almost a stand alone computing unit on its own.

Refering to this and the answer to the question before (supportive / other controllers), the OpenMV camera is not allowed.